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See What's Happening At Xpressions!

We love sharing photos of all the events we have at the salon.  Here are pictures of a few of those awesome events!

We partner with several non-profit organizations that do their part to help children that have lost their hair due to illness.  We have a ton of wonderfull young ladies that choose to donate their hair to help those going through tough times.

Prom & Homecomings
It's so great to see all the beautiful young ladies that come into the salon to get their hair done for their big day!
Customer Appreciation Day ~ 2013

2013 marks our 10th anniversary!!! We are so happy to be able to spend the day with our fabulous customers.

Prom Season 2015

Prom season is one of our favorite times at Xpressions!  We love seeing all the beautiful girls coming in getting their hair and make-up done for the big day.

Brick and Block Walk ~ 2012

We look forward to this event every year!  It's so great to see all the clever costumes!

Brick and Block Walk ~ 2013

It was a windy and chilly day, but we're so happy that so many folks were out and about participatiing.

Customer Appreciation Day ~ 2012
We love our customers so much we dedicate an entire day to them!
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