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Nail Products

OPI has strict guidelines as to who they sell their products through.  Xpressions Salon purchases all their OPI products through authorized distributors.  You can rest assured that the OPI products you purchase through Xpressions Salon is the best quality products in the market.


"OPI brand products are intended for sale in professional beauty (salon) channels.  We sell them to distributors or wholesalers who sell exclusively in those channels.  Those distributors, in turn, sell exclusively to salons.  OPI brand products sold outside these channels are improperly obtained and in violation of our agreements and commitments to distributors and salons.  Unfortunately, those diverted products may not be current, or may be improperly and illegally labeled or of inferior quality, or may even be fake or counterfeit.  OPI only guarantees or stands behind products sold through authorized channels."

- OPI Corporate Website  

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